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The Pink Crocodile School was established on the basis of a well-established education programme for parents and their special needs children. and was previously called 'Bobrici'- 'Little Beavers'. The programme concept was adapted from similar programmes in the UK and USA, where some of our staff have worked in the past.

The concept of our education program was adapted from similar programs from the UK and USA, where some of our staff has worked in the past. Pink Crocodile School is officially registered by Ministry of Education and Municipal office of Prague and and received recognition as an exemplary education program by the government’s school inspection.

With a newly reconstructed building, children friendly facilities and equipment for kindergarten and elementary school we offer our children with special needs the opportunity for a full-time special education program. Qualified and experienced staff is providing intensive education based on individual needs of our students as well as number of therapy options and extracurricular activities. We work on developing our children's best potential and skills, we give them the opportunity to develop also the forms of communication they need in case they are not able to use spoken language. We use sign language and all forms of alternative augmentative communications based on individual needs (pictures, objects, pictograms) and involve children in music therapy every morning. During the education program we use modern teaching equipment, such as tablets and multisensory room equipment.

All of our staff speaks English.

We provide an extensive integration/inclusion program for our children and believe strongly our students can do everything that their more lucky peers can do. To give them that opportunity we include English lessons and multicultural overview to the curriculum, we do many activities with their peers such various sport activities including yoga, trampoline, aqua therapy, going skiing, tracking, participating in running marathons with special wheelchairs and professional runners, we have a Pink Crocodile Theatre and are performing different musicals, our children play in the Pink Crocodile Band, we preform cooking lessons, art and creative activities, we celebrate different customs and festivals, host summer camps, picnics and BBQs.

We further offer activities with babysitting for the families of our students. This will allow them the opportunity to relax, have fun or to take their private time to reenergize.

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Happy Mother's day

This is to all the wonderful moms out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAgRjbsxVCc

Happy Easter

Pink Crocodile School wishes everyone a happy Easter.

Zápis do 1. třídy ZŠ speciální na škol. rok 2016/2017

Vážení, dne 19.1. 2016 od 9.00 do 12.00 se bude v prostorách naší školy konat zápis do 1. třídy ZŠ speciální na školní rok 2016/2017.

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