Our Team

  Name Position E-mail
Dagmar Herrmannova Dagmar Herrmannova School Director dagmar.herrmannova@pink-crocodile.org
Markéta Blovská Markéta Blovská Deputy Director marketa.blovska@pink-crocodile.org
Věra Škopová Věra Škopová Finance advisor and fundraiser vera.skopova@pink-crocodile.org
Nora Jagerova Nora Jagerova Head Teacher - kindergarten nora.jagerova@pink-crocodile.org
Eva Rakova Eva Rakova Head Teacher - elementary school eva.rakova@pink-crocodile.org
Lucie Simeckova Lucie Simeckova Teacher- kindergarten lucie.simeckova@pink-crocodile.org
Lucie Sedlakova Lucie Sedlakova Teacher - elementary school lucie.sedlakova@pink-crocodile.org
Kateřina Blahova Kateřina Blahova Physiotherapist kateřina.blahova@pink-crocodile.org
Petra Stehlikova Petra Stehlikova Music therapist petra.stehlikova@pink-crocodile.org
Adriana Zachova Adriana Zachova Assistent of Pedagogue - Musik therapist adriana.zachova@pink-crocodile.org
Hana Heroldova Hana Heroldova Assistant of Pedagogue hana.heroldova@pink-crocodile.org
Lucas Chastroux Lucas Chastroux Assistant of Pedagogue lucas.chastroux@pink-crocodile.org
Marta Valuchova Marta Valuchova Assistent of Pedagogue marta.valuchova@pink-crocodile.org
Michaela Raddová Michaela Raddová PR Manager michaelaraddova@gmail.com

The Mission of the Pink Crocodile School

We believe that every child has the right to education, irrespective of its mental or physical health.

The Pink Crocodile School helps children with disabilities to overcome adversity and acquire the necessary tools and basic skills to become educated and helps improve the child’s, parents’ and caregivers quality of life.

Our aim is to ensure that our students will live as happy and fulfilling a life as their more able-bodied peers.

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