Afternoon activities for children between 2-7 years

Day Time Activity
Monday 14:45 - 15:45 English through play and story telling
Wednesday 14:45 - 15:45 Art workshop using natural materials
Thursday 14:45 - 15:45 Yoga for kids through games and fairy tales

Price: 1500 Kč per half school year.

Baby Crocodile

The first three years in a child’s life are crucial for its development. Considering a child’s growth, interaction, learning and communication these three years are an important period in its development, which we refer to as early care. During this period, the compensation possibilities of the brain are very possible. Therefore it allows the development of alternative mechanisms also for those children, with developmental delays.

Our support programme for families and children serves as a guide that aims to assist families and their young children with disabilities or with developmental delays. The core of this service is supporting families and the child to identify and meet their needs.

The aim of this support services is to guide them through through difficult period of their life, provide positive support of the parent role, stimulate the developing potential of the child, integrate a family to its social environment and support a positive influence of the family’s quality of life.

Programmes are being provided for families and their children with complex needs between the ages of 0 - 7 years, or children with risk of psychomotoric development between the age of 0 - 3 years.

Our offer:

  • Stimulation in development of a child of an early age - stimulation of vision, basal stimulation, stimulation of a psychomotorical development, development of senses and of cognitive abilities,
  • Development of communication, possibiliy to develop baby Sign Language where requiered
  • Individual and group physiotherapy
  • Music therapy, Snoezelen therapy, psychotherapy
  • Family groups
  • Consulting with specialists in a social and legal topics
  • Lending of specialized books and tools
  • Possibility of enrolment to kindergarten or to Pink Crocodile School for children with complex needs
  • Possibility of enrolment of siblings in day care

Price: 500 Kč per morning activitiy

The Mission of the Pink Crocodile School

We believe that every child has the right to education, irrespective of its mental or physical health.

The Pink Crocodile School helps children with disabilities to overcome adversity and acquire the necessary tools and basic skills to become educated and helps improve the child’s, parents’ and caregivers quality of life.

Our aim is to ensure that our students will live as happy and fulfilling a life as their more able-bodied peers.

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